“Look inwards, create your own reality, trust your energies and the body will heal itself.”

Have you ever given any of this a thought? Since creation, the Earth and all other planets have been moving along their orbits, never rolling off from their paths, even for a single moment. A tiny seed has the capacity to hold within it the roots of a gigantic tree. A beautiful child is formed by the mere unison of an egg and a sperm. Some strange life force keeps us alive and kicking till our last breath. Most of these phenomena undoubtedly prove that there is some sort of latent energy that is driving the processes of this vast universe.

Quantum physics has proved that everything in this Universe is composed of energy fields, and all things are interconnected. The energy that composes your body is the same as the energy that composes the bricks of your house, your computer, your cell phone, animals and trees. This energy is constantly at flow, changing form all the time.

In fact, in sub-atomic physics, the elemental reality is conceived of not as "things" but as foci of energy. Specific energy fields, manifesting through individual frequencies, assume distinct forms. This is also true in the case of our own bodies. Our personal energy convergence points are a center of reception and radiation. Just as we have a physical anatomy, we have also had an “energy anatomy”. Our energy ecosystem is known as the CHAKRAS. Chakras are focused vortices of high, expansive energy, within multiple locations in the body.

There are 7 main Chakras spanning from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Connected to these Chakras are Nadis, considered to be the vessels through which energy flows. When we move through the day, as we breathe, function, think or even when we are resting, electrical energy is flowing through our bodies via our neurons and nerve pathways.

Biologically, the position of the major chakras corresponds to the major ‘nerve plexus’ or ‘nerve bundles’. These ‘nerve bundles’ are associated with major glands in our body. Glands secrete hormones that are critical in the body’s chemistry.

Our hormones, as well as nerves, carry messages between cells and organs and affect many aspects of our bodily processes. Whether we think of growth from childhood to adulthood, sexual development, mood swings, our sleep patterns or our stress management techniques, our hormones control most of these activities.

The 7 Chakras are linked with major nerve networks within the body, which work around the glands responsible for hormone production. So working around the Chakras can influence not just your physical and mental characteristics, but your entire persona. Picture this – when you are joyful, you feel as if you are radiating happy energy out into the world; while in despair or depression, there is restriction of energy and you tend to recede into yourself. The energy movement varies under different situations and circumstances. We all commonly understand and term this movement of energy as ‘emotion’ (e-motion). This movement is characterized by actual changes in the body's chemical profile. This, in turn, changes the degree of muscle contractions in various organs and our neural circuitry.

The 7 chakras predominantly deal with energy flow in the entire body. Energy or Chakra Healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the energy field of the body. You would find it surprising to note that improving the flow of energy can, in fact, enhance the self-healing capacity of your body.

Balancing the chakras brings about a profound change in a person. When you change, your world will change too because the external world is a mere manifestation of your internal world. You will start noticing the changes if you continue with the processes geared to balance your chakras. One of the first changes you might observe is the way you now handle a hurt or wrong done to you. You’ll find that forgiveness now comes naturally to you. Even your anger will no longer have any ‘charge’. As adults, we are prone to nurse grudges against those who have hurt us. Our enemies often continue to live inside us for years. And each time we are reminded of their wrong-doing, we end up feeling the same pain all over again. But when our chakras are balanced, it is said, the memory might remain, but the charge will not.

Remember that positive cosmic energy is all around you. You just need to tap into this positive pool and start harnessing it to alter your thought process. The big difference will come from attitude. It is not unnatural to have negative thoughts. Each of us, including me, has negative thoughts that pop up time and again. The trick lies in countering each negative thought/ argument by thinking about some positive aspects of the person/ situation/ setup that you are dealing with. This will reduce the negativity that keeps building up.