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What is Chakra workshop

It is an intensive spiritual process. In the workshop you will be thought about the seven chakras in detail, after which you will have no questions about the chakras. You will also be taught how to align, activate and balance them, also how to raise your kundalini and open the Third Eye gently.


Why to do your Chakra Workshop with Me

I have very intensely studied about the chakras under the guidance of my Masters. I have been practicing chakra meditation for the past 35 years.


When you should go for your Chakra - Workshop with me

Any person above the age of 14 years till as long as you are alive you can do the workshop.

I suggest, the earlier you know how to balance your chakras the better it will be for you to handle challenging situations in your life.


Where and how will I do your Chakra Workshop for you

In Person and Virtually