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What is ‘Romance the Divine’ according to me

This session will be about your connection with your higher sacred self or the Divine. We need to forge a relationship with our Divine. We have forgotten the existence or the presence of the Divine in our life. This session will enable you to connect with the Source. It will awaken your inner Divine whom you have been praying to, or turning to in times of crisis. 



Why to do ‘Romance the Divine’ - Workshop with Me

I can assure you that I will connect you to the Divine form you pray to.



When you should go for ‘Romance the Divine’ - Workshop with me

We have come so far, far, far away from the Source or the Divine that sometime we start doubting if Divinity really exists. Again, if you have any challenge in your relationships or if there is no peace within you or if you face any kind of a problem in your life, you don’t know how to handle it. At such times Divine connection helps you tide over it.



Where and how will I do ‘Romance the Divine’ - Workshop

It is a 2.5 (Hours) session.

It is done in person or virtually.