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What is ‘Heaven Answers’ (HA) according to Me.

I connect to the Divine and get answers as Downloads. These Downloads are messages which come directly from the source That is why I call it ‘Heaven Answers’

Why to do your ‘Heaven Answers’ (HA) with Me

I am blessed with modality by Masters. It has helped many in getting immediate solutions. We are faced with questions/problems/issues every minute. It is very difficult for us to make decisions. I can facilitate you in this area through ‘Heaven Answers’.

When you should go for your ‘Heaven Answers’ (HA) with Me.

We can’t make a choice or unable to find answers to our burning questions/problems/issues.

We invariably come across roadblocks and we do not know how to overcome them.

At such critical times, you need immediate answers to deal with the situation. That is when you can consult me.

Where and how will I do your ‘Heaven Answers’ (HA) for you.

It can be done virtually or over the phone.

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